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Welcome to Phenix Club!

I am 8ko, an investor before being a Monitor and trust in a program is the basis. Sign up with our links and receive a minimum of 100% cash back (RCB) 

and insurance on some projects.

Investors like me, you will only find hyip projects in Paying on Phenix club

Thanks to inform us by SCAM REPORT if you have a problem on project listed on Phenix Club

The committee needs your help to know about the projects underway, so leave your opinions, evidence of rcb and withdrawals here and on our Telegram.


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Payment Received,thanks Admin! Hello PhenixClub. $2.38 has been successfully sent to your PerfectMoney account U16305386. Transaction batch is 239952574.

Very Good Statum Global

Payment Received,thanks Admin!

Very Good Hourly Motion

Instantly payment. Thank's admin

Very Good Hourly Motion

Thank's Admin 12.17.18 14:20 Account Receive +67.12 Received Payment 67.12 USD from account U18111198 to U17***. Batch: 2399888899.

Very Good StarBankGroup

Payment Received,thanks Admin!

Very Good Caribbean Dream

Payment Received,thanks Admin!

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Hello, PhenixClub! On your wallet U16305386 PerfectMoney withdrawn 1 USD (batch: 239716168)

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Payment Received,thanks Admin!

Very Good Best Of both

Payment Received,thanks Admin!

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  • Dec 18th, 2018
  • 0.5-1.5% daily up 150%

  • Dec 16th, 2018
  • 2.1% - 3.1% Daily for 5 - 25 Days(Principal Return),2500% After 50 Days, 6500% Daily for 90 Days, 650% Daily for 12 Days

  • 4.06% Hourly for 25 hours, 102% After 1 day

  • Nov 30th, 2018
  • Lot of plan

  • Nov 20th, 2018
  • Forex street Paying

    102% after 1 day or 107% after 3 days

  • Nov 19th, 2018
  • 0.3 % Daily for 35 business days ====== 0.25% Daily for 4 days

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RCB detail




We always try to negotiate better terms for our partners.

If you cannot agree, you will pay You from its funds. Honest and really "hot" offer.

Let us at the beginning we briefly describe what is Refback.

In any profitable investment project, there is a reward program for partners who bring to the project new investors. This promotion is called reconise, and is usually calculated in percentage.

For example 5% of recommission in the project "XXX" means that if you go into a project "XXX" on my refferal link and make a contribution of  100$, then admin will pay me 5% of your contribution of  5$. Just because I invited you.

Naturally on the market "referrers" has been fighting for investor – everyone wants to make money, and many "referrals" are ready to return part of its investors recommission, only that they may go into the project in their links. This reconise return of the investor is called Rebeca (from the English. the words ref and back – literally "return Refco").

A caveat – 100% refbek means that the investor is willing to pay the full amount of the official fee mentioned on the website and (usually) in the banners of the project (2%,3%,5%, etc.).

For the investor it may seem silly to "race" for the best offers on  – it will not do to the weather these 5-10%?

We hasten to assure you – at a distance very even make.

Treat  seriously – for example with a 1000$ contribution you can get 60-150$ for the return. And can (out of laziness) not to. Their money must be treated carefully and with respect.

Another trick – some unscrupulous monitors attract investors with promises of return 500%, 1000% or even 5000% of recommission! This is a complete divorce, friends. Just show up a big figure to lure the inexperienced investor to "light". And this percentage is huge in fact taken from the head  – even written in their rules in small print.



Applications for RCB are accepted only through the website.

After a Scam project pay Refback within 24 hours.


In recent years, cases of fraud by users. Serves about applications for payment, increase the amount of deposits at the request RCB. All involved in such fraud users will be banned.

We perform 100% of its obligations, be honest with each other.

The to GET REFBACK FROM you should Phenix Club:

To register via our reflink.

To register and make a Deposit.

Send a request for refund of recommission in the personal area of our website under "RCB".

To get your Refback – at once, if RCB paid from the Deposit.

If in the project Refback is paid "From the income" - then paid Refback in the end of your work with the project (send the request with the sum of the absolute profit).

The rules of accrual RCB – up to 36 hours, at weekends there can be delays – we ask to concern with understanding. Usually within 2 hours Refback will have you on the wallet.

Dear partners, we are doing our best to support You and significantly reduce losses when investing in HYIPs.

We will pay compensation from its own funds. Please respect our request to unsubscribe to our topics on the forums and the Facebook group about obtaining insurance payments.

It only takes a few minutes, but this simple action you will support our work.