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The most frequent mistakes in HYIPs

The most frequent mistakes in HYIPs




You cannot invest in the project, finding no real reviews. Simple rule: no comments – there is no trust! The actual reviews need to look at investment forums, on blogs, in Skype-chats project, on monitors, etc. Until you are sure the deposits and payments, do not invest a single penny.


You cannot invest in projects where there is no communication with the administration. If in contacts, no Skype, no online consultant and by mail the answer to you comes longer days, to invest in such a project in any case impossible. If you have a real problem (not credited to a Deposit, or need to change the details), nobody will help. And this is 100 times more offensive the usual Scam, because you have nothing to withdraw and the remaining members continue to earn.


You cannot believe the stories of admins. Many of us love to talk with admins "heart to heart". After a couple hours of talking, we already know about the marital status of the administrator, showing that he is a good citizen in reality, and as he was tired of all these endless scams. Once the story takes us to the soul, and we contribute to support the great work the admin fixes his net profit, and goes on to process the next source. But let''s take the case of an honest Creator! What do you think should be responsible adequate to the questions "how Much will work on the project, When the project is closed", "you Can invest 100-1000-10000 у.e." etc.? If he answers "once a week", "day after tomorrow", "no", immediately panic, and the project will die at the appointed time, and after 5 minutes. So do not expect administrations honest answers to stupid questions.


You cannot invest in the project only because there all involved. The phenomenon is called "herd instinct" and it is quite difficult, because the crowd is not always wrong. Just you shouldn''t depend on the number of people. Analyze the whole project, try to find out who is at the helm, and if the Creator with a reliable reputation, a lot of participants to keep the project afloat as long as possible. If the head of bustracker, as soon as payments will start to eat the deposits, "shop is closed".

You cannot invest money anywhere. Novices heard about diversification, you begin to shove your money in 10-20 or more projects that are just under the arm across, if only "don''t keep all your eggs in one basket". That''s right. Only here the implementation is lame. Projects of low quality open and close packs, so diversification is impossible to name. Better than 3-4 well-chosen project than 10-20 units all in a row.




Now let''s move on to "greedy" errors, which are more complicated to fix:

Exchange of electronic currencies from unknown "changed" because of the favorable course. You send them money and in return have nothing to receive. Use verified exchangers, to the same courses everywhere now are quite adequate.

Napoleonic plans. Selecting a couple of good projects, we start to draw the table in Excel with our future revenues, geometric progressions for a couple of years, schemes of redistribution, perestraivat, spills, etc. J Plans and schedules is certainly not bad, but don''t worry if a couple of years, you Bank account will still not be the coveted million.

The choice of the most long plans with the greatest interest. In 80% of cases, the projects for this term has closed. Invest in more short plans, if necessary, you can quickly return your Deposit back.

All reinvest! You successfully turned a hundred to 200, 200 to 400, 400 to 800... Already counted on a calculator what day your weaving will turn into ten thousand, and then BAM, everything turns to zero. Not to run away from the project, after receiving the first interest, but reinvest sooner or later should stop.


Attempt to take the credit scrolling in the hype and keep interest. Remember, the loss loans in HYIPs, this is the most stable of all such ploys! Invest only their funds. Indeed, in the case of loss of personal money – you can merge to zero. But if you lose borrowed – you have to choose not with zero, but with minus!

Attempt to earn a lot without investing anything or very little. You can spend years stuck on level 1-10 bucks, if not begin to risk more where really there is a good opportunity to earn. In any case we do not urge beginners to investing significant amounts of money while learning! Just when you meet a really great project, you have to squeeze out of this situation high, because this does not happen as often as we would like.


But the main mistake is to do nothing. If you will be afraid to make mistakes, and will constantly observe everything from the side, the stage of your training will be delayed for a very long time. Personal experience is the fastest way of learning. And even if you avoid all the above mistakes, you will save one month of your new investment!