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paying Payeer + 2.32 USD Date: 23.01.2019 07:02:06 ID: 719898720 Details: P1006437742 → P80864630 Amount: 2.32 USD

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Paid :) Operation date: 22 Jan 2019 12:40 Operation ID: 719382126 Operation type: transfer Status: success Credited: 3.07 $ From: P1006437742

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Седьмая Выплата: Operation date: 22 Jan 2019 11:41 Operation ID: 719349884 Operation type: transfer Status: success Credited: 4.95 $ From: P1006437742

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Caribbean Dream screenshot
  • Lifetime: 204 days
  • Monitored: 200 days
Our Ratings
  • Our Investment: $50.00
  • Payout Ratio: 200% in profit
  • Support: Support E-mail SSL DDOS GoldCoder
  • Payment: PerfectMoney Bitcoin
Last Payout Jan 21st, 2019
  • GOOD 63
  • BAD 0
  • Min/Max: $$10 / $No Limit
  • Referral: 1%
  • Withdrawal: Manual
  • All Monitor: AHM ISP - HYIP's Technical Analysis
Investment Plan and description:

1% Daily for 20 Days

Almost a quarter of a century has passed since the moment when a small sailboat of an unknown investment and construction company with the romantic name of “Caribbean dream”, descended to water in one of the northern ports and set out on its first trip to meet the sunny shores. Over the years of wandering along the waves of the boundless economic ocean, the young ambitious captain Angel Montero and his loyal team had to comprehend all the wisdom of business navigation, master the art of financial maneuvering in turbulent investment flows, learn to bypass bureaucratic reefs, protect the ship from pirate competitors, and sometimes be the first to grapple. Contrary to all expectations, our brave ship did not sink to the bottom and did not become the prey of bloodthirsty sharks of big business, stayed afloat during economic storms and did not run aground during calm sea. Traditionally we work with legal entities, but in the run-up to our holding anniversary, we have prepared a unique investment offer-adventure, in which absolutely everyone can take part. We are sure that many will be interested not only in the very essence of the investment offer, but also in the way it is presented. One way or another, it echoes the main activities of the Caribbean Dream, and it is quite possible will open a new milestone in its history. We choose the most promising for investment sectors of the economy after the careful analysis of their financial indicators of growth and development. Among them there are both risky enough (but, as everyone knows, those who do not take risks will never taste the real piratical rum), and very conservative that involve the least risk. Today, the company Caribbean Dream is at the head of the investment holding, which includes more than a dozen subsidiaries, and the former captain of a snow-white little sailboat now manages an entire flotilla of ships capable of repelling the sea devil himself. Join our team, determine the choice of the most reliable investment tools and directions that meet your requirements, check them in action and increase your capital together with the Caribbean Dream. We truly believe that the knowledge gained during this fascinating journey will help to save your existing tangible assets from the negative impact of unforeseen market situations and will bring considerable benefits in the future.Do not forget to follow the news, so as not to miss all the fun and become the owner of the real investment treasure.Welcome aboard, dear investors and partners.